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Why Hire Us as Your Disability Lawyer

You should choose your attorney based on your ability to work with the attorney and the attorney's skill and knowledge in the area that you require assistance. When you meet us, you'll like us, and our skill and knowledge are matched by few DFW Disability Lawyers. When choosing your Disability attorney, consider the following about Ted Machi & Associates, P.C.

  • FREE Consultation - Your first meeting with us is absolutely FREE, and you make no commitments by just meeting with us. Come in for some candid advice, or try our FREE on-line Disability evaluation.
  • 30 Years of Experience - Ted Machi amp; Associates, P.C. has served the North Texas community for over thirty years. We are dedicated to the needs of people like you. We have seen a lot of client and Disability issues over those years. There are few Dallas Disability attorneys or Fort Worth Disability lawyers that can match our thirty years of successful client relationships.
  • Complete Court Representation - We won't send you off to court alone. We'll be there by your side from start to finish with thirty years of experience representing North Texans like you.

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