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The Social Security Handbook

The following is what the Social Security Administration says in the Social Security Handbook.

522. Beginning and Ending of Trial Work Period

522.1 When does the trial work period begin?

Your trial work period begins with the later of the month that you file your application or the month that you become entitled to disability benefits. If you have been reentitled under the expedited reinstatement provisions, your trial work period begins with the completion of your initial reinstatement period.

522.2 When does the trial work period end?

The trial work period ends with the month below that occurs first:

  1. The ninth month (not necessarily consecutive) in which you perform services; or

  2. The month in which it is determined that your impairment improves so that you no longer have a disabling condition.

(See §506 for conditions under which an extended period of eligibility occurs after the trial work period.)

Last Revised: Jan. 31, 2007


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