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The Social Security Handbook

The following is what the Social Security Administration says in the Social Security Handbook.

Chapter 4: Survivors Benefits

Table of Contents

400.Benefits Payable To Survivors of Deceased Insured Worker
401.When is a widow(er) entitled to widow(er)'s insurance benefits?
402.Widow(er) Defined
403.Entitlement of a Surviving Divorced Wife or Husband
404.Exception to the Nine-Month Duration of Marriage Requirement
405.When an Application for Widow(er)'s Insurance Benefits is Not Required
406.Effect of Remarriage-Widow(er)'s Benefits
407.Amount of Widow(er)'s Insurance Benefit
408.When will you NOT receive widow(er)'s insurance benefits?
409.Termination of Widow(er)'s Insurance Benefits
410.When is a surviving child entitled to child's insurance benefits?
411.What is the definition of "child" for Social Security purposes?
412.Amount of Surviving Child's Insurance Benefit
413.When are child's insurance benefit NOT payable?
414.When do child's insurance benefits end?
415.When is a widow(er) entitled to father's or mother's insurance benefits?
416.When is a surviving divorced parent entitled to father's or mother's insurance benefits?
417.Effect of Remarriage-Father's or Mother's Insurance Benefits
418.Amount of Father's or Mother's Insurance Benefit
419.When are father's or mother's insurance benefits NOT payable?
420.When do father's or mother's insurance benefits end?
421.When is a parent of a deceased person entitled to parent's benefits?
422.Parent Defined
423.When must the support requirement be met?
424.When must you file evidence of support?
425.Amount of Parent's Insurance Benefit
426.When are parent's insurance benefits NOT payable?
427.When do parent's insurance benefits end?
428.When is a lump-sum death payment paid?
429.When will you NOT receive a lump-sum death payment?
430.When is a lump-sum paid to the surviving widow(er)?
431.When No Spouse Living in Household
432.Lump-Sum Payable To Children
433.When Application Must Be Filed

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