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Denied Disability Benefits - 24 hours

Denied Disability Benefits

What to do if your Social Security Disability Case is Denied?

If you are denied on your Social Security Disability benefit claim, you should request an appeal immediately, within the 60 day deadline. Most disability claims that are denied are not appealed. Claimants either give up on the process, or file an untimely appeal, or file a brand new claim.

A failure to appeal timely or filing a brand new claim will have the same end result. You lose all appeal rights and start over at the very beginning with a new application. By going through the Social Security Disability appeals process a claimant has the best chance of winning a claim and being awarded benefits.

Filing a new application, either because of a missed appeal deadline or thinking that a new claim would be a benefit is a waste of valuable time. Subsequent applications for disability will likely be denied for the same reasons as the first application.

If your Social Security Disability claim is denied, immediately contact the Social Security office with your attorney or representative and request an appeal.

How to appeal Social Security Disability.

Claimants who are represented should contact their disability representative or attorney immediately. In almost all cases, a representative will complete the paperwork to appeal the denial and submit it to Social Security on the claimant's behalf. SSD and SSI claimants who are not represented should call social security as soon as they receive a denial letter. After an appeal has been requested, the social security district office will mail the required appeal forms to the Claimant.

Statistically, denials that are pursued through the appeals process (versus filing a new application) will have a much greater chance of winning. How long does the appeals process take? As with initial claim for benefits, there is simply no way to know how long a disability appeal with the Social Security administration will take. Disability cases do not have deadlines (despite the fact that the social security office will often represent "90-120" days as the expected time frame for processing a decision). All cases are different as far as a claimant's impairments and medical evidence is concerned.

How do I react if my case is denied?

If your claim for Social Security Disability benefits is denied at either the initial or appeal levels, you should not panic. Though it's an unfortunate fact, most claims for Social Security Disability and SSI benefits are denied at the Initial level (60-70%). Even more are denied at the appeal level (80-85%).

With this in mind, if you are denied for Social Security Disability or SSI you should not doubt the strength of your case, or the severity of your impairments. Simply realize that most disability claims are turned down, making it necessary for appeals to be filed.

Therefore, as soon as a denial letter is received, immediately contact the Social Security Office where you originally filed your social security disability or SSI claim and request the appropriate appeal. If you have representation, let your attorney representative handle this for you.

Attorney for Social Security Disability

Dallas Social Security Disability LawyerSometimes, the examiners who process Social Security Disability claims gather information from you, your neighbors, and your former coworkers. It is important to discus this with your SSI attorney.

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